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Episode 8 Getting Mean with Journalist Kristen Philipkoski

May 03, 2020 J'Amy Tarr + Lisa Anderson Shaffer Season 1
Biased Cuts
Episode 8 Getting Mean with Journalist Kristen Philipkoski
Show Notes

Sartorial hosts J'Amy Tarr and Lisa Anderson Shaffer share over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. Together they dish on the warm fuzzies, big wins, huge losses, and all the bad behavior (theirs included) encountered during their time in business. Stop by for the real juice on what it takes to run an indie brand in the big, badass fashion biz. 

In this episode, J’Amy and Lisa talk with brilliant Bay Area Forbes Lifestyle journalist and founder of Mean Mag, Kristen Philipkoski. They discuss the current state of sheltering in place, what fashion and lifestyle events will look like post pandemic, and the critical importance of Kristen's newest project, Mean Magazine, a publication by and for GenX women in their 50's. 

Kristen Philipkoski has been a San Francisco Bay Area-based writer and editor for more than 20 years. She was the senior science editor at, a science contributor for Gizmodo, and the San Francisco editor at Racked. She has also written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Refinery29, TheBoldItalic, 7x7, BoingBoing and many more. She
recently launched Mean Magazine for 50-ish women and is a Forbes contributor. And we LOVE her!!

J’Amy Tarr is a Bay Area designer and founder of J’Amy Tarr Outerwear. 

Lisa Anderson Shaffer is a Bay Area jewelry designer and founder of Zelma Rose.

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