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Episode 6 So Now What? Post Pandemic Planning with Lela Barker

March 30, 2020 J'Amy Tarr + Lisa Anderson Shaffer Season 1 Episode 6
Biased Cuts
Episode 6 So Now What? Post Pandemic Planning with Lela Barker
Show Notes

Sartorial hosts J'Amy Tarr and Lisa Anderson Shaffer share over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. Together they dish on the warm fuzzies, big wins, huge losses, and all the bad behavior (theirs included) encountered during their time in business. Stop by for the real juice on what it takes to run an indie brand in the big, badass fashion biz. 

In this episode, J’Amy and Lisa talk with the brilliant Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting. They discuss what small businesses can do now and in the coming weeks to respond to the stressors of shut downs, halted production, and supply chain interruptions. Lela offers real time, actionable advice, and strategy for coming out of this unprecedented economic freeze with success. 

Lela Barker is the brilliant brain behind Lucky Break Consulting, offering strategic tools and crystal clear direction for emerging independent brands. Her upbeat, "waste no time" consultations are industry legend. She's helped independent brands of all industries make clear and well thought out decisions on everything from expansion and hiring, to systems creation and downsizing. She's simply the best and we were so happy to have her join us!
Instagram @luckybreakconsulting

J’Amy Tarr is a Bay Area designer and founder of J’Amy Tarr Outerwear. 

Lisa Anderson Shaffer is a Bay Area jewelry designer and founder of Zelma Rose.

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